Cemented carbide nonstandard profile products
Brief description
Yingtong Co. owns advanced processing and inspection equipment with 450 tons of annual production capacity and more than 4000 sizes and varieties. The products are widely used in mechanical, mining, petroleum, steel and other fields. The company can provide design and development of products according to the requirements of customers. All the customers are welcome for consultation and order by call or mail.
Detailed profile

Product introduction: It engages in production of various hardware punching mould, forming mould, finishing mould, cold upsetting mould, battery mould, drawing mould, automobile components, electric tool components, powder metallurgical mould punching head, mine tool mould, extrusion mould, punching mould, cemented carbide wear-resistant components: cemented carbide gauge, cemented carbide plug gauge and other non-standard profile products. All the customers from various circles are welcome for consultation and order by call or mail.

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